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Health Coaching with Sharon

Although Sharon manages living with a health challenge, an auto-immune digestive condition, she doesn’t allow this to define or limit her. Sharon has always loved cooking, experimenting in the kitchen and even growing her own garden vegetables. She is aware that food and nutrition play an essential role in how she feels, so she turned to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) for more knowledge and resources. With IIN, Sharon studied both dietary and lifestyle theories, satisfying her questions about reducing inflammation and promoting health and longevity in body, mind and spirit. This holistic approach aligns with and enhances her background as a therapist and a yoga teacher. In 2019 Sharon became a Certified Health Coach with IIN.

Health Coaching by Sharon

Work with Sharon to improve your lifestyle habits and choices. Create lasting and transformational change to live a life that you love!

Age well. Feel great. Manage stress and create more energy for what you truly love to cultivate in your life. Slim down and feel more youthful.

Reduce processed junk food and replace it with more satisfying and nourishing choices. Receive shopping, recipe and cooking support.

Packages are designed with individual needs in mind ranging from 3-6 months. Sessions are available in person and Via the Internet, on-Line.

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