Corporate Yoga

Along with my team of teachers, we offer yoga and meditation, tailored for the workplace, increasing work productivity, reducing fatigue and stress and supporting the mental, physical and social health of your employees. Ask about our different packages.

Stephanie Cowan Photography- Sharon Epstein
“I want to thank you for a great job with the yoga classes. Our employees love the classes and the program has been a huge success thanks to you.
— Human Resources at HainCelestial

This class is perfect for people who never did yoga before. I had no prior experience doing yoga, but Sharon is patient and goes slowly through the poses so that even the least athletic person can do them. Even after one session, you can see the benefit of the stretches and core strengthening. The most unexpected benefit of the yoga class is the energy you feel when class is over. You walk into class feeling tired after a full day of work. An hour later, you leave class feeling energized and a lot less stressed. The class is truly worth trying, especially with Sharon, who is very engaging and supportive of the group.
— Linda