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congratulations for moving closer to feeling healthier, more confident, more authentic and viBrantly alive!

Yoga can help you feel more flexible, bendy and youthful, but did you also know that a consistent yoga practice can expand your energy, lift your mood, help you clarify your purpose and even lead you down a path towards inner peace?

Treat yourself to personalized sessions in the comfort and convenience of your home on your schedule…. Or join a group class.  Ask about bringing yoga into your workplace or your house of worship with a special customized programs. Check in and choose from the options below.

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Private Yoga

Creating customized private yoga sessions for you. Perfect for individuals, couples, families and friends within the convenience of your schedule and within the ease and comfort of your home or office.   By invitation, you may also be accommodated in Sharon’s personal home studio.

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corporate yoga and Meditation

Boost your company’s morale with wellness programs at work.



Sharon will guide and motivate you to optimize your health and well-being to feel your best. With Sharon as your coach, explore manageable options towards aging well and feeling great!

Our work will examine lifestyle habits and choices including nutrition, physical exercise and much more.


group yoga sessions

In a friendly group setting, join a yoga class and connect to yoga within community.

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Jewish yoga school

The Jewish Yoga School welcomes people of all backgrounds and faiths interested in spiritual growth through the lens of Jewish yoga and meditation. 

We hold classes, seminars, trainings, retreats, free events and the option for monthly support for yoga teachers looking to bring Jewish yoga to their communities.

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Healthy aging and longevity

To quote Hollywood legend, Bette Davis  “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”

Staying active with exercise and socialization is one of the best ways to reduce and ease the aging process.

About Sharon

Sharon has studied movement, dance and yoga throughout her entire life.  YOGA continues to be her evolving source of inspiration on how to addition to practicing the physical yoga postures, yoga is her medicine, her sanctuary and her refuge to make peace with the challenges of daily living.  There is always something new to learn and Sharon LOVES sharing these teachings with all who are interested.

Originally, Sharon found Yoga when she was in high school partly because she hated gym class. She would do anything to get out of going to gym because she felt uncoordinated, weak and embarrassed about it. But she did ultimately “find herself”  in dance which also led to yoga; drawn to teaching what she loved, she was even given the opportunity to teach dance and exercise classes while in high school as a gym alternative. The rest is history….

Sharon deeply believes in the healing power of movement, dance and yoga. These healing modalities affect not only how you look but ultimately how you feel and how you LIVE!

Shortly after graduating from Bard College with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, Sharon went to Hunter College and earned a Master’s of Science degree in Dance Movement Therapy. She worked as a movement therapist in hospitals, nursing homes and community centers within the fields of psychiatry, substance abuse, gerontology, oncology and neurology.

Sharon became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher in 2007.  She received her 200 hour certification at Long Island Yoga and Polarity Center in Malverne and completed another 300 hour certification in 2013 at Laughing Lotus, NYC under the mentorship of Dana Flynn. She has advanced training and certifications in yin yoga, chair yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, corporate yoga and yoga for children.  Sharon is registered with Yoga Alliance as E-RYT-500, YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)

Although Sharon lives with a health challenge, an auto-immune digestive condition, she doesn’t allow it to define or limit her. Sharon has always been sensitive to the role nutrition plays in how she feels, so she turned to the Insititute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) for more knowledge and resources. Sharon studied both dietary and lifestyle theories satisfying her many questions with ways to reduce inflammation and promote longevity wholistically in body, mind and spirit. This approach aligns with and enhances her knowledge as a therapist and yoga teacher. In 2019 Sharon became certified as a Health Coach by IIN.

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